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Privacy policies and personal data handling
In fulfillment with what is established by the Federal Law on Transparency and Access to Governmental Public Information, it is hereby being informed about the privacy policy and personal data handling of this website.
The data requested by the contact module or by any other type of record found on the SEP’s website, will only be used to establish communication with the user as a way of an answer to a request or comment performed.
In addition, the data inserted into the support online system will not be made known, distributed or commercialized, except for the specifically signaled in the 22nd article of the Federal Law on Transparency and Access to Governmental Public Information.
In case that the user may wish to annul the information provided to the database, they will be able to request so by means of the e-mail: or by written means to the Directorate General for Information Technology, located onVersalles 49, Piso 9, Col. Juárez, Del. Cuauhtémoc, C.P. 06600, México D.F.
The comments or requests will be exclusively included for statistical reports and in order to keep tabs/follow on the institutional advances, without allowing for individual or user identification. 
The services and the content of the SEP’s Portal, are protected by the Copyright Law and no content shown on or by means of this website can be copied, modified, interpreted, spread out or sold without the Content Manager’s authorization.
SEP’s Portal reserves to itself the right to modify the privacy policies, with the purpose of adapting new legislative, jurisprudential or technical requirements or by any other motive that may allow to offer better services and contents to its users without violating what has been established on the Federal Law on Transparency and Access to Governmental Public Information.
The present privacy policies are a part of the use of this website and, consequently, the usefulness that the user could have of the SEP’s portal implies having read, understood and agreed to the terms earlier exposed. If the user were to be in disagreement with such politics, the aforementioned user will have the option of not providing any personal information.
 Contact us at or communicate to the phone number: (55) 3601-7599
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