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Quality School program

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The Quality School Program was created as a reform initiative for institutional management and school management and seeks to overcome diverse obstacles to educational achievement, such as:

·         The schools’ limited decision-making margin.
·         The insufficient development in planning.
·         The absence of external school auditing.
·         The absence of informational feedback for performance improvement.
·         The unfavorable conditions for the development of an effective leadership of directors, supervisors, and sector heads.
·         The poor connections among school players.
·         Absence.
·         The non-effective use of resources available to schools.
·         Limited social participation.
·         The existence of routine teaching practices.
·         Deficiencies in infrastructure and equipment.
The program seeks to transform the design of educational policy from a central formula that concentrates all decisions regarding priorities, strategies, resources, and their distribution to a scheme that permits the creation of a management model focused on strategy, from schools up to the educational system, which involves the responsible federal, state, and municipal authorities.

The Quality School Program takes into account that teachers, directors, students, and parents make up the authentic school community, which will have the capacity to identify its needs, problems, and attainable goals toward an improvement in the quality of educational services.

To permanently promote the culture of planning, evaluation, and accountability in basic education schools participating in the program within a strategic management framework for the continuous improvement of pedagogical, organizational, administrative, and social participative practices that affect permanent learning improvement.
To institute a management model in basic education public schools benefitting from the program that has a strategic focus on the improvement of student learning and teaching practices, which attends to equality in diversity and is supported by a plan of social participation, co-financing, transparency, and accountability.
To install a school management transformation dynamic in each benefitting school through the provision of tools and methods for planning and evaluation, with a strategic focus and using the concurrence of basic education structures.
To orient school strategic management toward the strengthening of pedagogical practice based on the educational needs of students identified by the teaching body in program schools.
To establish strategies for stimulating social participation for the purpose of fostering community collaboration in school life, co-financing, transparency, and accountability.
To strengthen federal, state, and municipal institutional mechanisms that promotes policies and actions for technical and financial aid for the purpose of favoring management capacity and the normal function of schools participating in the program.
For the Quality School Program, the coordination of the distinct levels of government (federal, state, and municipal) is fundamental, as well as the participation of the educational structure that influences school decisions, from state educational authorities to supervisory and accompanying structures, so that, together with the school community, decisions are made together for the transformation and enrichment of school life.
The program is coordinated by the Secretariat of Public Education and executed by the educational authorities of the 31 states and the Federal Administration of Educational Services of the Federal District.

The program has a profoundly federalist spirit, for which the states adjust the Quality School Program to their local conditions, taking into account deadlines for the execution of the actions indicated in the rules of operation issued each year and published in the Federal Official Gazette.
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