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Enciclomedia program

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Enciclomedia is the result of combined institutional effort to offer all Mexican children and teachers different ways to access knowledge with the support of information and communication technologies.
The original Enciclomedia idea consisted of digitalizing the content of free text books—which for years have been the starting point for basic education in Mexico—and linking them with distinct audiovisual and interactive resources so that the teacher and student have use of a didactic complement for their classes with which the teaching-learning process is stimulated and enriched.
General Objective
For children in public primary schools to have a more significant learning experience, in addition to fostering the interaction, classroom teamwork, and cooperation of society at large with suggestions for improving the content and modes of applying the program.
Specific Objectives
·         To contribute to improving the quality of public education in schools.
·         To have an impact on educational and learning processes through the interaction of students with the pedagogical content incorporated into Enciclomedia.
·         To convert Enciclomedia into a teaching aid that stimulates new pedagogical practices in the classroom for addressing the themes and contents of the free textbooks.
·         To offer students and teachers diverse and up-to-date information sources, as well as tools for constructing more significant learning in the classroom.
·         To foster knowledge, abilities, aptitudes, and values that permit harmonious and respectful integration among students in urban, rural, indigenous, and special needs communities.
·         To define the teacher as guide and mediator in the debate, reflective, and participatory process created in classrooms.
·         To suggest didactic and innovative strategies for addressing curricular content to teachers in order to integrate their experiences and personal methods.
·         To continue with the incorporation of information and communications technology into educational processes for the purpose of establishing a natural bridge between the traditional manner of presenting curricular content and the possibilities provided by new technologies.
·         To place Mexico at the cutting edge of education.
Enciclomedia is made up of two fundamental parts: the Student Site and the Teacher Site.
Student Site
It is called this because it integrates the free textbooks received each year by students at the beginning of each school year, except that they are digital versions that are uploaded to the hard drive of a computer. These textbooks are organized by grade and subject; therefore, with one click, the student and teacher can easily select one of these materials.
“Enciclomediated” books have their original structures, but thanks to their digital editions, we have been able to link book lessons using hypertext links and icons with thousands of multimedia educational materials, such as images, maps, virtual visits, videos, films, audio, interactive exercises, and much more.
Enciclomedia is a database that organizes an informative library archive around textbooks for the purpose of providing a range of options to teachers and students so that they may complement the themes contemplated in the curriculum from very distinct perspectives.
Teacher Site
In addition to the digital SEP free textbooks, Enciclomedia has a Teacher Site that was designed taking into consideration the main needs and tasks of teachers. In this space, teachers can find diverse resources for familiarizing themselves with such educational program and optimizing its use in the classroom, in addition to making use of other materials that support their daily labors.
Pedagogical Advantages
New Teaching Practices
The Teaching Suggestions on the Teacher Site seek to stimulate new technological classroom practices in benefit of education. These proposals not only represent the integration of media into the processes of teaching and learning, but also foster participatory learning processes based on investigation, informational analysis, and the obtainment of conclusions. These suggestions demonstrate complete learning processes to teachers that guarantee significant, long-term learning.
Development of New Communicative Abilities
Enciclomedia learning activities are designed so that teachers and students establish a permanent dialogue surrounding the content of learning. In addition, their educational purpose goes beyond curricular approaches upon creating a culture of the use of communication media, bringing methods to the classroom that students use to communicate with one another, have fun, and study outside of school.
Enciclomedia is conscious of the fact that the audiovisual culture inculcated by commercial, consumerist, and entertainment media has to be reoriented and applied to study and learning processes; therefore, exercises and analyses for learning to look at images are included as a part of its complementary activities as a new ability for teachers and students.
Better Learning
This, given that it facilitates the construction of knowledge through presenting a single concept from different approaches and languages. The integration of multimedia resources into lessons has not attempted to illustrate or present a theme in an entertaining way, but rather to create forms of approximation and referent diversity for extending the possibilities of cognitive and conceptual student construction. This, along with the due accompaniment of the teacher, can guarantee higher-quality formative processes. In addition, Enciclomedia fosters collaborative work, proposing the realization of diverse activities in teams and the exchange of information among them.
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