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Education management

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Public education services are provided and regulated at the federal level by the Secretariat of Public Education (SEP) and at the state level by local education authorities.

 Pursuant to the General Education Act, the federal government shall be in charge of issuing the rules for basic education and teachers’ colleges, defining guidelines, plans and programs along with local educational authorities; programming the academic calendar; and preparing and printing free books for students, as well as national planning and assessment.
Local education authorities shall be in charge of providing services forearly childhood education, basic education and special education and teachers’ colleges, as well as training, actualizing and developing basic education teachers professionally.
Municipalities may promote and provide any type of educational services. In case of Mexico City (Federal District), basic education and teachers’ colleges services of are provided by the SEP.
Therefore, educational services are provided by the federal government (SEP and other secretariats of the Executive Branch), state and municipal governments, autonomous institutions and private individuals.
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