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Basic statistics

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The Secretariat of Public Education (SEP), which is in charge of planning and assessing the national educational system, collects, among other data, basic statistics that reflect current conditions and improvements in the provision of educational services. This information is directly collected from schools all over the country, both public and private, at the beginning and end of each academic term.
Local educational authorities from all 31 states are involved in this task through their use of a database managed by the SEP. The data yielded constitute official federal and state government information and are the basis for carrying out planning, programming, budgeting, resource allocation, assessment and the presentation of this sector’s accounts, among other activities.
Some indicators included in this work are estimated based on educational statistics and population estimates prepared in the latest version (2007) of the National Council of Population (CONAPO), which has been adjusted to the 2005 census.


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