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Rules and regulations for education in Mexico

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The right to education and the conditions for the provision of this service are set forth in Articles 3 and 31 of the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States and its Regulations in the General Education Act.

Article 3 of the Constitution reads as follows:
“Everyone has the right to receive education. The state-federal government, states, Federal District and municipalities shall provide pre-primary, primary and lower-secondary education. Pre-primary, primary and lower-secondary education conform compulsory basic education.
The education provided by the State will harmoniously develop all the faculties of the human being and will in him promote, at once, a love for the Nation and the awareness of international solidarity, independence and justice.”
This regulation governs education provided by the state, decentralized agencies and authorized private institutes, or with officially approved studies. In addition, it sets forth the autonomous capacity of universities and tertiary education institutes—to govern themselves in connection with administrative and academic issues, pursuant to the provisions of Article 3 of the Constitution.
Education provided by the state shall be secular, free and democratic. It shall contribute to individuals’ comprehensive development, encourage their skill development and increase awareness of nationality and sovereignty.
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